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The ESTempMaster product line is a high temperature phased array inspection solution package.

Designed to address the requirements of elevated temperature corrosion and weld inspections, these solution packages are targeted at the reduction or elimination of shutdown times in production environments.


  • Phased array inspections at temperature up to 350°C (662°F)
  • No shut down required while performing weld inspections and corrosion mapping
  • Automated scanning limits direct contact with parts at elevated temperatures
  • Encoded automated and manual scanning for consistency and repeatability
  • Multiple wedge sizes available for various wall thicknesses
  • Cooling systems prevent damage to the scanner, wedge and probe

This series has been designed for more extreme temperatures of up to 350°C (662°F) with its safety margin and monitoring features also designed to accommodate some fluctuation potential in its upper range.

This series is designed to operate up to 150°C (302°F). The TempMaster Gold solution package has been designed to include all the required equipment to ensure safe and reliable operation within this temperature range. The Gold Series high temperature material has a safety margin to accommodate some temperature fluctuation.

This automated scanner, specifically designed to operate at elevated temperatures up to 350°C (662°F), incorporates the TempMaster wedge kit, and enables the operator to spend a minimum time in contact with high temperature components, increasing both safety and scan quality/repeatability. The scanner is cooled by a pressurized air supply system and is operated from a laptop preloaded with the operational software.

The coolant pump is essential for protecting the attached phased array probe. Water is delivered to the water-jacket at optimal flow rates to ensure array protection and to also enable constant wedge temperature at sound entry point. The circulated water can be recirculated or can also be based on a local water source with simple drain option. Water can be at area temperature up to warm-to-the-touch, or can be lower if source is provided from a remote location to the hot work area.

  • Engineered for high temperature inspections up to 350°C
  • Increased viscosity for improved stability at higher temperatures
  • Easily pumpable for automated inspection systems
  • Low toxicity and non-irritating
  • Minimal smoke at elevated temperatures
  • Halogen and sulfur free

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