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Zetec Zircon Phased Array - C110

The Zetec Zircon Phased Array course showcases the potential of the next generation in a long line of Zetec’s portable AUT acquisition systems. The
course leads the student through steps to achieve quality data calibration and data collection. The UltraVision software package is the exemplary
data analysis tool for defect characterization and sizing methodologies. Practical exercises access a selection of engineered and actual flaw samples. We recommend that attendees have attained Level 2 or 3 certification in industrial ultrasonics and have a working knowledge of the Zetec instrument prior to attending this course.


  • System linearity assessment
  • System calibration
  • Ultrasonic phased array principles
  • Ultrasonic digitization principles
  • Benefits and limitations of phased array examination
  • Probe design for phased array applications
  • Focal laws
  • Ultrasonic beam steering and focusing
  • Linear and sectorial (swept angle) scan definitions
  • Instrument features
  • Instrument operation
  • Instrument applications including:
    • Technique development
    • Software and scanning configurations
    • Calibrations
    • Data acquisition and data analysis
    • Data storage and file structure
    • Reporting
    • Current industry applications using ultrasonic phased arrays

Suitable For:

The course is designed for any Level 2 or 3 UT technician who is required to perform data acquisition and analysis or is tasked with procedure and
technique development. The benefit to the employer will be significant, as the graduate of this course will be capable of analyzing, solving and reporting clear comprehensive findings for many NDT applications.


5 days (40 hours)

50% classroom, 40% hands-on, 10% testing 

Course Equipment and Materials:

ESBeamTool is provided as one more tool to enable quick and easy system configuration. When combined with the extensive array and wedge selection students have the tools to tackle the numerous samples presented for test experience. In addition to technique development and acquisition exercises the student is also challenged with numerous sample files to engage them in the analysis process.


$2,150.00 USD per student
(Travel and logistics will be extra)

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