Eddy Current Array Intro Level - C225

This course is designed for NDT technicians or technical persons who are interested in learning Eddy Current Array (ECA) principles and applications. Students will learn all the steps necessary to accomplish high quality ECA inspection, including scan plan development, ECA instrument calibration, scanning, analyzing, and reporting. Operating the ECA analysis software is also covered. The course is paced to provide a challenge for experienced technicians while emphasizing fundamentals of operation and standard practices for all attendees. Successful graduates will be awarded a certificate of course completion in Eddy Current Array Testing providing them with evidence of their technical and practical skills for advanced NDT work and to gain eligible NDT hours and skills towards the successful completion of an ECA certification program.


  • Eddy Current theory review
  • Introduction to Eddy Current Array
  • Advantages and limitations – ECA problems and troubleshooting
  • ECA instruments
  • ECA probe types and construction
  • Multiplexing and encoded scans (C-scans)
  • Array probe setups and signal calibration
  • Codes, standards, specifications and reports
  • Data acquisition and signal analysis
  • ECA industrial applications
  • ECA weld inspection guidelines


Recommended Level 2 certification in industrial Eddy Current testing or equivalent knowledge/experience


5 days (40 hours)

50% classroom, 40% hands-on, 10% testing 

Course Equipment and Materials:


$2,150.00 USD per student
(Travel and logistics will be extra)