CSWIP - PAUT (Olympus OmniScan) Level 2 - C250

This course is designed for experienced ultrasonic NDT technicians looking to expand their knowledge and gain a qualification in manual and encoded phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT). The course meets or exceeds the training syllabus requirements of EN ISO 9712. This course aims to enhance the participant’s knowledge in topics related to the principles of phased array inspection and the effective use of phase array instruments. Technique development and verification prior to inspection are discussed in-depth during this course. Students will learn phased array instrument selection and calibration, variety of flaw sizing methods, and software data display options for final reporting. This course ends with a CSWIP certification examination. Successful graduates will be awarded a globally-recognized CSWIP certificate in Manual and Encoded Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing providing them with the accreditation for advanced NDT work.


  • Ultrasonic phased array principles
  • Probe design and selection for phased array applications
  • Ultrasonic beam forming, steering and focusing
  • Focal law calculator
  • Scan plan and technique development
  • Instrument hardware and operation
  • System calibration; focal law configurations, scanning patterns, linearity assessment, encoder calibration
  • Scanning with phased array probes
  • Ultrasonic digitization principles
  • Software options and configurations
  • Data acquisition methods and analysis
  • Reporting; flaw locating, sizing and characterizing
  • Phased array applications
  • Codes and standards
  • Benefits and limitations of phased array examination



15 days (120 hours)

40% classroom, 50% hands-on, 10% testing 

Course Equipment and Materials:


$4,380.00 USD per student
(Travel and logistics will be extra)