CSWIP - AUT Operator (Olympus PipeWizard) Level 1 - C270

Automated Ultrasonic Testing offers a better inspection solution with lower reject rates than other NDT methods. This course is designed to instruct NDT technicians on the operation of mechanized Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) systems and train them on the assessment of pipeline girth weld acceptance or rejection. The course meets the training syllabus requirements of EN ISO 9712. Students will explore all system’s components and functionalities, learn how to set up, calibrate, and troubleshoot the mechanical scanner and associated instruments and configure the software interface to accomplish high quality weld inspection. This course ends with a CSWIP certification examination. Successful graduates will be awarded a globally-recognized CSWIP certificate in Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT), providing them with the accreditation for advanced AUT work.


  • Automated welding theory and bevel designs
  • Beam theory and focal laws
  • Instruction in phased array technique development
  • Calibration block design and applicable targets
  • Zonal discrimination principles and techniques
  • Overview of codes and specifications applicable to pipeline girth weld inspection
  • Tolerances & operating ranges
  • Set up and maintain the mechanical scanner components
  • AUT software configuration and operation
  • Interpretation fundamentals and weld assessment



10 days (80 hours)

50% classroom, 40% hands-on, 10% testing 

Course Equipment and Materials:


$4,900.00 USD per student
(Travel and logistics will be extra)