CSWIP - AUT Data Interpretation Level 2 - C276

This course is designed for company representatives tasked with auditing AUT system performance and assessing weld acceptance or rejection. The course meets the training syllabus requirements of EN ISO 9712, familiarizes students with operations and limitations of the AUT zonal discrimination technique, instructs on methods of quality data verification, and touches on phased array and TOFD inspection principles. Students will learn in-depth audit guidelines and how to evaluate zonal discrimination strip chart data. This course ends with a CSWIP certification examination. Successful graduates will be awarded a globally-recognized CSWIP certificate in Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) Data Interpretation providing them with the accreditation for advanced data interpretation work.


  • Introduction to phased array and TOFD weld inspection
  • Weld condition reporting using AUT data
  • Defects vs. geometric features
  • Assessment of AUT records against a specification
  • Calibration records assessment
  • Flaw sizing using AUT strip chart



5 days (40 hours)

40% classroom, 40% hands-on, 20% testing 

Course Equipment and Materials:


$2,520.00 USD per student
(Travel and logistics will be extra)