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CorporateDB is an integrated business management solution that can help you run many aspects of your company.

Built using Microsoft SQL server, it is a robust secure environment for controlling all of your important information. CorporateDB will improve your organization's productivity and implement faster, more informed decision making.

Eliminate the cost and headaches of having to manage multiple software programs to run your business by combining everything you need into one easy to use, easy to implement software package.

Project management is a complex undertaking, with many stages and processes. It should follow the full business life cycle, from definition and justification of the project, through to delivering demonstrable benefits for the business.

CorporateDB makes it easy to track and manage all aspects of a project including human resources, activities, purchasing and costing.

  • Estimate and track basic cost information for your project
  • Use several different types of costs, and the system calculates those costs for you as the project progresses
  • Manage costs by comparing actual expenditures with what you planned to spend
  • Maintain all aspects of the project in a single location
  • Embed activities, purchases, sales, assets and shipping
  • Add informative detail with open form areas
  • Extend functionality with inclusion of supporting documents and linking

People are employees, customers, vendors, etc…

CorporateDB manages:

  • Training
  • Certifications
  • Experience
  • Safety
  • Medical
  • Scheduling

Time management and employee productivity are crucial assets to your organization. CorporateDB gives you total control of these assets and helps you track down irregularities or weaknesses which are causing unproductive hours.

  • Assign activities to an employee with allotted hours, due dates and priorities
  • Link activities to SR & ED, and Projects for cost tracking
  • Includes events, and notes

Assets are the material and equipment you use to perform inspection work.

CorporateDB manages:

  • Calibrations
  • Documentation
  • Asset Control and Usage
  • Maintenance
  • Scheduling

Equip your sales force with CorporateDB to provide them with one workspace that has all the tools needed to close the deal faster.

  • Filter sales to quickly find the information you require
  • Store all relative documents within a sales order
  • Stay notified via e-mail when payment has been received or the sale has moved to a new state in its life cycle
  • Track purchases and shipping related to the sale
  • Quickly issue quotes and order confirmations to your customer
  • Assign a sales order to a project for costing
  • Delegate tasks to co-workers

Automate and streamline your purchasing process with CorporateDB. The purchasing manager controls all aspects of the purchasing process from one interface, which gives you the ability to easily analyze critical data and track purchasing trends.

  • Make sure the right people are approving purchases
  • Track payments
  • Monitor goods received
  • Track shipping items
  • Send e-mail notifications when a PO changes to a new state
  • Track PO costs back to a Project and/or SR & ED

The Documents module provides secure storage and access to all types of documents.

  • Advanced versioned document control following the check-in/check-out paradigm
  • Easy-to-use and manage
  • Embedded document management keeps documents accessible where they are most relevant

The built-in resource scheduler lets you manage your equipment and people effectively.

The scheduler automates the time-consuming process of project and resources scheduling. Companies are able to reduce real estate costs, improve productivity, and maximize efficiency.

An industry standard Gantt chart allows you to quickly and easily visualize people and equipment schedules as well as their upcoming availability.

CorporateDB contains a powerful set of tools to help you manage every aspect of an ISO-compliant organization. Critical categories are presented with quick access functionality.

Manage and track non-conformances from start, through corrective action, to completion.

  • Ability to track all product/services deficiencies
  • Assign activities and manage resources to corrective actions
  • Notify individuals on due actions
  • Generate progress reports