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ESTestMaker2 SL (SoftLock) - $2665 USD

The SoftLock license uses a serial number to activate ESTestMaker2 on a computer.  If you want to use the license on another computer, you must first deactivate the software on the current computer before you can reactivate it on another machine.

This option is best for users that do not need to run a single license on multiple machines and is most cost effective.  The SoftLock version is available for download immediately after purchase.

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ESTestMaker2 HL (HardLock) - $2765 USD

The HardLock license uses a HASP USB key to activate ESTestMaker2.  ESTestMaker2 may be installed on multiple machines but will only run with the HASP key present.

This option is best for users that need to run their ESTestMaker2 license on multiple machines.  The HardLock version ships within 24 hours of purchase and additional shipping charges may apply.  

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