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TestMaker2 is an easy to use application for generating printable and online exams for use by training facilities or for internal training of staff on topics important to your company.

The original TestMaker was designed solely for use in the NDT industry but with the introduction of TestMaker2 there is no longer industry limitations and TestMaker can be expanded to quickly and easily create multiple choice exams for use in any training facility or to qualify and upgrade staff skills.

Produce your own questions specific to your company’s protocols and various in-house best practices. Include Safety and WHMIS questions or even generate First Aid course content to challenge your staff.

Be proactive in getting your employees trained and improve their performance and your bottom line.

Developed by renowned ultrasonics expert Edward Ginzel, TestMaker includes over 5000 questions specific to the Non-Destructive Testing industry. Questions cover the fields of:

  • Training
  • Phased Array
  • TOFD
  • UT
  • RT
  • LPI
  • MPI
  • ECT
  • UT Mathematics

from all levels of certification. Custom questions can be added to allow for testing of topics of specific interest to your company.

The Test Builder is used to create tests with as few or many questions as desired. Filters can be applied to the extensive list of questions to quickly and easily define the type and level of questions to be used. The available Randomize feature tool button will quickly assemble a test of random questions based on specified content, skill level and number of questions required. Each test set can be customized with a distinctive title, instructor name and introduction and generated exams including corresponding answer sheet can be saved for distribution and future reference.

Expand the scope of the questions available by using the Question Editor to enter and edit your own questions. Cite references and attach bitmaps to create consistent and professional looking custom tests.

Test your knowledge in any discipline using the Test Me on screen exam. Select the Test Builder to create a custom set of questions which can be compiled and displayed as an on screen exam. Answer the multiple choice questions and have TestMaker grade the test. Questions with an incorrect answer display the incorrect as well as the correct answer and an exam summary including final mark is clearly displayed at the bottom.

Included with TestMaker is PANDA-UT, a suite of UT utilities that can be used to aid in the creation of custom mathematical questions. Use PANDA-UT to calculate probe parameter characteristics, wave characteristics, geometric-optical treatment of ultrasound, modulii and reflections as well as access an extensive list of conversion tables and reference equations ensuring both accuracy and variety.

Easy to use, TestMaker is a valuable resource for any training facility or company interested in taking their employee training to the next level.

For more information, email us at or call (519) 372-1831 and ask for TestMaker Support