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We're proud to introduce the 8th generation of BeamTool, the world’s most popular application for fast, easy, open technique development for NDT.

Eclipse's innovation is fueled by customer feedback as proven with our new features: AOD & COD Wedge Curvature, DLA & DMA Probes with Focal Law Export, Beam Highlighting and Focal Law Delay Visualization, Asymmetrical Welds, Clad Material Support, Transverse Probes, Improved CAD Tools, Sound Mode Colorization, Compound S-Scan, Dissimilar Weld Material, 3D Sound Paths Ray-tracer, Inset Backing Bar, Custom Velocity Modes with Path Cropping, Double J Welds, Transverse Angle Measurements and additional High Temp Wedges.

Easily generate an ASME compliant calibration block with the click of a button. Targets are added based on your piece thickness, while meeting the requirements of ASME Section 5, article 4, Figure 434.2.1. You can also design custom calibration blocks and generate reports that include all aspects of a calibration block to support machining. This allows the technician to spend more time on developing a technique.

This video illustrates the creation of a very simple phased array technique. The technique ensures complete coverage of the weld by using two phased array sectorial beamsets to inspect the top and bottom of the weld.

This video shows how to import a bitmap image and use it to trace a complex piece geometry.

This video demonstrates how to use the ESBeamTool ZONAL add-on. The ESBeamTool ZONAL Add-on provides the ability to define weld zones, which are used in conjunction with a Zonal Beamset to provide automated targeting of individual phased array beams into specific locations along the face of a weld bevel.

This video demonstrates how to edit report templates in ESBeamTool.

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