Company Profile

Eclipse Scientific offers all the energy and determination of a new company while providing all the experience and knowledge of a seasoned company.  We achieve this ideal combination by being a new company (incorporated in early 2000) and by involving personnel that have been intimate with the NDT industry for over 20 years.  The knowledge base at Eclipse Scientific spans all NDT disciplines and includes state-of-the-art approaches to product development and technique design.  

The experience and knowledge base at Eclipse is not limited to our in-house personnel; we also draw upon the resources of a group of highly skilled associates.  Eclipse is associated with companies and individuals within the NDT  industry and outside the NDT industry, creating an environment that utilizes cross-disciplinary skills.   

Eclipse specializes in developing products and techniques for the NDT industry, specifically in the Ultrasonic (UT) discipline.  Our experience and knowledge of the industry has allowed us to provide superior product development and consulting services to our customers.  Our areas of experience and expertise include NDT technical training, automated NDT systems, NDT procedure development, UT transducer development, NDT software development and NDT field work.