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BeamTool ZONAL is an Add-on module that extends the capabilities of the already powerful BeamTool ray tracing and technique simulation application.

The BeamTool ZONAL Add-on provides the ability to define Weld Zones, which are used in conjunction with a Zonal Beamset to provide automated targeting of individual phased array beams into specific locations along the face of a weld bevel.

With the ZONAL Add-on activated, the Weld Configuration dialog allows access to the Weld Zones functionality.

Weld Zones are constructed from the Weld Regions defined during the new weld configuration process introduced in BeamTool 4.1.  As a weld bevel is configured, Weld Regions are automatically divided into Weld Zones using the related zone configuration parameters.

The BeamTool ZONAL Add-on also provides access to the new Zonal Beamset.  With Weld Zones configured, a Phased Array Zonal Beamset can use the powerful new Beam Solver to automatically create individual beams that specifically target each zone.  The Zonal Solver will determine the appropriate beam parameters (refracted angle, gating, focusing, etc.) to maximize signal response for each zone, all with the click of single button.

BeamTool ZONAL is released as part of the standard BeamTool HardLock and SoftLock  installs.  If you already have BeamTool version 4.1 or greater installed and licensed, you are ready to activate the ZONAL add-on.


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