Eclipse Scientific works with service companies and in-house inspection divisions to provide all the support required to ensure the effective and profitable execution of the inspection. Purchasing, or development and fabrication of the inspection device is no guarantee that the product will provide the desired results. By ensuring successful delivery of the inspection, and by including training, procedures and techniques, we work to achieve the real objectives, delivery of results and effective reporting of the findings.

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High Temperature Solution

Eclipse is the leading solution provider in high temperature phased array inspection for corrosion mapping and weld inspection up to 350°C.

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Encoded Bolt Inspection Solution

An encoded orbiting scanner that provides a practical solution for corrosion extent monitoring and crack detection, providing clear images showing bolt thread condition.

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The Next Generation Of Girth Weld Inspection

The TrueViewPipe incorporates the latest technology and software to provide the solution for high speed AUT girth weld inspection.


Eclipse Scientific offers a number of innovative software solutions for the NDT industry.

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Fast, Easy, Open Technique Development For NDT

BeamTool is the world’s most popular application for designing ultrasonic inspection plans.

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Project, Asset and People Management Including Analysis and Reporting

InspectionBank implements effective process management & secure control of inspection data from acquisition to analysis reporting.

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Probability Of Detection (POD) For NDT Applications

Designed primarily for qualification programmes for pipeline AUT but may be used for other applications.

NDT Services 

As an authority in the NDT industry we deliver accredited inspection and Level III services, analysis, and consulting, providing tailored methods and applications towards your project.

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Eclipse Scientific is pleased to meet your training needs with a schedule of courses offered at our Waterloo, Ontario Canada facility and at our customer locations worldwide. View our course list for more information.


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Now Available

Written by an expert NDT Research Scientist, this textbook provides essential guidelines for developing qualified NDT procedures. Documentation requirements and the process of creating a strong procedure are not commonly known to NDT personnel.

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A fully updated Eddy Current Testing Technology textbook that meets and exceeds ISO9712, CGSB, ASNT, and CSWIP theoretical requirements for Level 1 & 2 certification.

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This book is designed for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technicians, engineers, and technical people interested in learning Eddy Current Array (ECA) principles and applications. The main goal is to outline the material needed for a first course in Eddy Current Array technology.

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Advances in mechanisation capabilities, afforded by the rapid growth of the computer industry, have been wide spread. NDT is no exception to the variety of industries that have benefitted from these advances. This handbook is intended to improve the students’ understanding of phased array aspects of mechanised ultrasonic inspections. As well, some background is supplied with regard to the ancillary aspects of mechanised ultrasonic inspections, data acquisition and computer imaging.

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Since 2005, the pipeline AUT has seen several advances, including a higher respect for Phased Array systems, formalised qualification processes for systems and an institutionalised certification programme devoted to pipeline AUT operators. The number of personnel now involved in pipeline AUT, as compared to just ten years ago has increased by at least a factor of 10. Corresponding to increased personnel is the potential that there is a wider spread of competence of those involved in the industry. This book provides a useful single source for explanations of pipeline AUT details that readers may not find in more general books on ultrasonic testing.

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This handbook will provide technicians, students and instructors a single source publication for the fundamentals involved in TOFD. The topics covered in this handbook generally follow the requirements set out in the CSWIP document for TOFD training requirements. Where background fundamentals are deemed useful to explain pertinent aspects of TOFD, the basics will be explained with adequate detail.

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