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What's New?

BeamTool 7 is Eclipse Scientific's seventh generation modeling and technique development tool for Phased Array, TOFD and Conventional ultrasonic inspection. BeamTool has evolved quickly over the years based on user feedback.  Version 7 introduces many enhancements requested by users from around the world. 

Below are some of the top enhancements available in BeamTool 7.  Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.


The Export Focal Laws feature added in BeamTool 7 helps users directly import their optimized scan plan into a phased array instrument. Before an inspection, BeamTool helps design phased array inspection plans by laying out the inspection methodology. Potential scanning configurations are modeled and beam directions are identified to ensure full coverage of the desired location is achieved. Once the scanning parameters have been finalized through the scan plan, BeamTool’s focal law calculator calculates the appropriate time delay for excitation of each active array element (focal law) for generation of beams with the specified refraction angles. The calculated focal laws as well as wedge delays are listed in law a file. The law file can be exported from BeamTool 7 and directly imported into a phased array instrument. This allows for immediate inspection with no need for further adjustment in the instrument.

High temperature law files generated with the BeamTool HighTemp Add-on can be used along with high temperature wedges to facilitate phased array inspections at elevated temperatures. This ensures technicians will perform accurate inspection with compensations of temperatures effects on the scan results, leading to accurate indication detection and positioning at elevated temperatures.

Improved and simplified way to configure L and T shape welded components from an easy to use, configurable menu.

Sound Field Animation shows how elements firing in a phased array probe constructively form a wave front and how that wave front propagates into the piece.

The Show Elements option for Single Beam Beamsets will now live reflect the focal delays as beam parameters are modified.

Indication drawing sets can now be added to the workspace

Allows users to easily scale images and geometries to precise measurements.

A powerful educational tool for rendering sound pressure at any point in the field represented by a geometric or bitmap wavefront. Using real field physics the wavefront can be focused, and even steered, by adding a time delay to change the refracted angle. This option is available for Single Beam Beamsets and Conventional UT Probes.

Displays the wavelets for each individual element at a selected time in micro seconds (Single Beamset only).

Circumferential pieces are now properly represented in 3D View.

Indications can now be added to the indication table from any selected geometry in the workspace.

Identify any type of point on a beam path based on Distance from Elements, Time from Elements, Distance from Interface, Time from Interface or Skips.

The catalog for the HighTemp Add-on has been populated with several new Eclipse Scientific HighTemp wedges.

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