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  • The A-Scan Add-on Module has been renamed to Simulation Add-on Module and now also includes the Sound Field Animation features.  This add-on is a great teaching tool that combines the two powerful features.

BeamTool A-Scan is an Add-on module that is a useful tool for visualizing an A-scan signal for a conventional probe or phased array single beamset.

  • Interactive and configurable display of simulated A-Scan data
  • Conventional UT probe and phased-array single beamsets supported
  • Visualize and configure initial transducer pulse
  • Visualization of material attenuation curve
  • Quick and easy zooming/scrolling through the A-scan timeline

A-scan data is refreshed live as changes are made to the workspace and probe configuration. This performance is possible because an invisible array of beams is used to approximate wave fronts and detect reflections. The simulation does not have the accuracy that beam profiling would provide but requires far less processing and is therefore more performant, allowing the visualization of A-scan data while moving the probes on the piece geometry. Accurate reflection/transmission coefficients are applied to the signal at events. Simplified material attenuation is also applied to the signal.

The A-scan display can be configured using a set of parameters including gain and zero offset.

  • Visualize initial pulse and the materials attenuation curve
  • Pulse width is set to a default value based on the frequency of the probe
  • Control and limit the display of A-scan data based on wave mode


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